Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Mother's Hopes and Dreams

I have to start off by appologizing for the lack of posts lately.  We have been travelling, sick, and my computer is just about dead.  BUT- we are done travelling until the holidays, we are all healthy again, and my mommy said I MIGHT be getting a new computer for my birthday (3 weeks away)... so expect a lot more posts in the near future.  I miss writing, it's really become a fun hobby for me. 


Logan's future has been on my mind a lot lately.  I just think it is so bright for him.  He really is a special kid.  He is smart, charismatic, kind, determined, curious, funny, and bright.  He is a perfect little boy.  I love him so much!  I know all moms think their kid is the smartest, most advanced, special, adorable kid in the world.  But mine really is!  Anyway... Logan's future.  With all these gifts he has been blessed with, what will he do with them?  He can be anything that he wants, what will he choose?  

Here are some professions I think are in the running:


Zoo Keeper

Pro Athlete

Race Car Driver




Something that requires A LOT of reading (lawyer perhaps like Daddy?)

Mathematician like Mommy!
Politician (Mr. President?)
Whatever he chooses to be, I hope more than anything that it makes him happy.  And I hope that he uses his gifts to do good.  And that he spends his time helping others.  He has so much to give, and I hope that he puts his talents to good use.  This boy will change the world, I just know it!

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