About me

Hey there!  This is a story about a California girl, Amanda...

Who fell in love with an Ohio boy, Daniel.

In August 2007, they got married...

In August 2011, they started a family...

When our little man, Logan Carl, was born...

 He is 5 now and enjoys Legos, Play Doh, robots, preschool, playing outside, helping mom in the kitchen, dressing up in crazy costumes, The Phantom of the Opera, and anything Star Wars.

In December 2013 we again expanded our crew...

When sweet little Reagan Brooke arrived..

She is now 2 and enjoys kitties, princesses, dressing up, swimming, playing outside, purple, and Bubble Guppies. 

And just this July...

 We welcomed our dear Ansley White.   (hobbies pending)

Daniel is an attorney, an avid Ohio State fan, a lover of politics, and aspiring golfer.

Amanda is a mommy, a trier of new things, fitness lover, and the author of this blog.

Oh, and let's not forget Mr. Cuddles.

Companion of Daddy, Annoyer of Mommy, Victim of Logan, and Kindred Spirit of Reagan.  Ignorant of Ansley.

Come enter into to a little corner of my brain and the inside of my heart that I call Motherhood.


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